Modifying the self-test email notifications on APC UPS systems

Modifying the self-test email notifications on APC UPS systems

If you manage APC SU/Symmetra/Matrix UPS systems and receive email notifications, you may notice that there is no option to modify the "self-test passed" notification setting from within the notification menu.

If you manage one or two units, getting these informational emails probably doesn't bother you, I manage over 60 systems, I only want critical messages, so I had to disable this setting.

You can do this by appending the hex code (the code is contained within the email for every event) for the notification to the url.


or via IP address

Now you can disable/modify the email settings for the "passed self-test" info email.




Thanks! This eliminates the 11 plus emails in our mailbox!!!


I was disabling the informational group to e-mail and snmp without solving this anoying e-mail. Your post fixed it. Thanks for sharing!

This worked... Thanks a bunch. It is pretty annoying that APC doe not have this listed in the diagnostic area. Why is it a hidden option??? oh well...

Excelente, me salvaste la vida con esta solución ... ya me estaban volviendo loco los mensajes de sef-test y no sabía como sacarlos.

Muchas Gracias

Thanks, I went to self test failed notification and just changed the end of the URL code from 6 to 5 and access the hidden notification page.

example http://x.x.x.x/NMC/BP+tsJylEMSq7d8d1vmctA/eventdtl.htm?code=0x0106


wonderfull !!!! thank you very much!!!

Awesome, thank you! APC said this could not be done!

Nice find, thanks for sharing!

I've been dealing with this for years and never found a solution until today! Thanks so much. This will save me so many late night and early morning emails. I'm so glad I found your post today!

worked for me - thank you for the info

Perfect! Worked like a charm. Thank you!

This is awesome! I was scratching my head for months on this!

ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! Took me one year to find THIS post!
Thanks so much !

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