Soft Brown, a forthcoming sNews CMS theme

Soft Brown, a forthcoming sNews CMS theme

I had a couple hours to myself today and managed to pull together a quick theme mock-up, for my first sNews CMS theme. It still needs a lot of polish, but hopefully I can find the time to finish it up and make it available for download within the next couple of days.


If anyone has any thoughts on it, please don't hesitate to let me know.



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I like it, is a nice theme. Congratulations!

Thanks funlw65, I should have some more time tonight to get a good bit more done on this one.

Looks good Matt. Well done.

Nice work!! How do you work with the comment and date/time, i mean how do you change the position and add the icon.

Hi Alexx,

I just moved the date & comment variables around in my snews.php in the articles function, and I also put them inside separate divs, put the icons as the div background image, "left/right (depending on the side you want the icon on) center no-repeat", and then added padding.

Does that make any sense? lol, I can write something up in more detail if not.


Well thanks.. but, moving the date n comment variables around in snews.php will not be so easy for me .. more details will be appreciated a loads.. thanks man.

No problem, I understand.

I'm currently working on another sNews theme, once that is done, I'll see if I can knock that out for you, unless I get time today to do it, but that's doubtful.

If I can't get to it today I will see if I can write up a tutorial on that sometime over this holiday break.

Thanks man, take your time.. and Merry Christmas.

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