Preview cool black, my second sNews CMS theme

Preview cool black, my second sNews CMS theme

Greetings all, I have a little teaser for you all for Christmas, a mock up of my latest sNews CMS theme. I'm calling it cool black, it is a 3 column css fixed width (970px) layout. If you have a second to spare, have a quick glance at the screen shot below and let me know what you think.

It is in the early stages, and with the holidays, I'm not entirely sure when it will be finished, but I'm off work the next 11 days for the Christmas break, so I certainly plan to finish it before I return to work.




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Yes, very cool indeed. How about another one with pages/categories moved to the right side; the main content column on the left and the other menu/cate./comments column on the right side. :)

I'm digging 3 column layouts a lot lately, that will definitely be on the agenda at some point. I am partial to content on the left.


Hi nice theme where is download...?

Hi miriampl,

This theme is currently under development, this was just a preview, look for the release within a couple of days I'd guesstimate.

Ok i see some changes I'll have to do to make it perfect for my project...

Just an update, I am working on it, I've probably wasted 2 hours today trying to get it to look good in IE6... I don't know why, I told myself I was going to stop bothering supporting that crappy browser months ago.

Mhm... possibly due to professionalism ;) However crappy that browser is, there are some users actually using it, no ? Hence the drive to make things look good even in that crap, otherwise there would be comments about your ability to perform from people not knowing better ;)

Atleast this is what I tell myself when doing the exact same thing, allthough, I too, stated that I woulnd't do any efforts whatsoever to make IE work...

Yeah Patric, there are certainly people still using IE6, about 3% of my visitors view the site with it, but I wonder how many of those are using it simply to see how it looks in IE6.

I think Apple dropping IE6 support for MobileMe and 37 signals dropping IE6 support was a catalyst for myself and many others to do the same.

IE6 was first released two months before Windows XP, it's time to move on :P.

IE6 use only users who use iligal copy of xp and dont know how to upgrade to new one...dont waist your time for ie6...make shore you template works in IE7,Mozilla,Opera and Safari :)

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