The state of comments spam

The state of comments spam

In my never ending quest for world domination to end comment spam for sNews users I've been working on a few ideas, some new, some improvements to existing ideas.

After reading a post over at Patric Ahlqvist's site, I'm going to begin working on a simple function to "sniff out" a lot of the bot spam that commonly hits sNews sites, it will flag them and send those to moderation while allowing other posts to pass through to immediate posting. You probably know the spam if you run sNews... they'll hit 10-30 articles within 20 seconds, all from different IPs, and most of them are garbage links... they look like this;

nZ3nH8 rhqnmtsujwbl, [url=]lvijciygqaxu[/url], [link=]qpzxgdgtfaca[/link],

It should be easy to write a function to filter those out and send them straight to moderation. However, first I'm working on an vastly improved image / math hybrid captcha that will be out later today. Stay tuned.

Check it out here;



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waiting for it

lol :)

I actually wrote a little function for detecting possible spam based on the garbage words, but it's only good with English, so I kind of let it alone while thinking of a better approach, and I've noticed that my image captcha mod seems to have stopped all the spam thus far, so I haven't been in a hurry on that one.


Tada! :P

Whether a modification will be available "trusted users"? I like the solution to the first comment moderation. Now I have turned on comment moderation, but it is quite cumbersome.

My trusted user (first comment moderated) is kind of hacked-in right now, but I'll have a look at some time and see about making it into a proper modification.

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