sNews Ajax Polls updated, works with my pending page caching mod

sNews Ajax Polls updated, works with my pending page caching mod

Howdy all, I've just updated my polls mod here to version 1.0.2, if you want to use the Ajax Polls mod with my pending caching mod, please upgrade to this version, its a simple drop-in change, just edit poll_process.php as in the instructions on my page (Step 1), upload that and the other new files, then you're all set. Get 1.0.2 here

Yes, I'm quite close to releasing my sNews 1.7 page caching, this mod stores cached pages and hits the database again only when the content on the website is actually updated, i.e. when a new comment is posted or when an article is changed. Dynamic information, such as the users name, url, email(if you use my gravatar mod),IP, timestamp, mathCaptcha, etc are stripped before storage and replaced on the fly when outputting. Obviously contact & login pages aren't cached, etc.

Basically what this means is there's no database queries needed once the page has been rendered (at all, except for Polls if you use them), unless a change to the database has been made, this has lowered the average volume of MySQL queries on my site over the last 21 days by roughly 90%. Page rendering speed is faster as well, though I didn't do any benchmarking for that metric.

Of course, if you get 10 comments a minute or something, this won't do you a whole lot of good :P, at that point, you'd have to compartmentalize every function that outputs page structure.

Stay tuned!



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good work matt !!! :D very very thanks... (turkey snews loves you) has done a nice job !!!

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