New sNews CMS theme in the works, and an sNews specific feed added

New sNews CMS theme in the works, and an sNews specific feed added

Just a quick update, I'm currently working on a new sNews theme, a 960 grid system design, 3 column layout, very "clean" and light weight graphics-wise. No due date as yet, but hopefully it'll be ready soon.

I'm also working on a simple "theme switcher" for sNews, so you can easily view any theme layout on my main site here.

Lastly, to assist you in keeping track of any sNews related work I'm doing, I've created a separate RSS feed of only the sNess category and it's sub-categories (hacks, mods, themes),

Subscribe to - sNews mods, hacks, and themes feed, or
Subscribe to - sNews mods, hacks, and themes feed by Email

I prefer all my feeds via email personally, one daily digest works great. As you can see, this feed contains only my entries related to sNews.



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I can`t wait to see your new theme....

Hey Sasha, you can have a peek @

<a href=""></a>

I've been having a total creative block design-wise right now, so it's kind of stagnant at the moment as I've been focusing on hacking/making mods in PHP. It's in pretty rough shape right now.

I just had a peek at it and liked it ;)
Are you going to use the same mouse over effect on the menu on the right side that you used in the footer?

I like 3 column templates and made a simple one with pure css the summer of 2006, and I am still using it. That was my first pure css template (lol)

Sven, yes I'm going to do something similar, I actually was working on the right side menus when I stopped last.

Haha, there's nothing wrong with that, at least you're using css for the layout, I still see table based designs all over the web.

Hey, did you notice the "Notify me of future comments via e-mail" checkbox under the comments form on the 960 theme demo? :P

I did the front end for it already as you can see, still have a ways to go on it, but it'll be my next mod for sure once I get some free time, but man it's a lot of changes, so I've gotta spend some serious time writing up a quality tutorial. Stay tuned.

Matt, your right, even large companies use table based designs in 2009.

How could I have missed it :) It right there, very promising.

Everything takes time, true. You are the pro and I am the noob, but this it what I think needs to be done:

1. Three extra additions to the database (email, random string and confirmed)

2. Check for "will subscribe" when receiving comment

3. Cleaning email before entering it to db

4. Sending "please confirm email"

5. Check received confirm email and add "confirmed" to db.

6. After adding new comments to an article, check if there are any subscribers, if yes: send email.

Is that correct? Could it save you some time if I do some "field work" and find some scripts that use something like this already?

I am not truing to be a "wise guy" (because I am not), just trying to offer my simple help. Please tell if I can help

LOL, I don't know if I'm a "pro", I'm kind of a jack of all trades, master of none ;)

I was thinking along similar lines as you, however, I would skip the confirmation step, as we should assume that much, and then when the email updates are sent, we should include the key (random string) that the recipient could use to unsubscribe if they don't want additional emails from that thread.

No, you're not being a"wise guy" at all, I'll actually re-use whatever code is inside sNews already, like the send email function, so I think trying to fit another script into it would probably take more time than writing all the new code.

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