New archives, search, and tags here on my site

New archives, search, and tags here on my site

I've been busy lately hacking away behind the scenes on my sNews install. I've made 3 major modifications within the last several days.

If you don't notice anything different... first try the search box to your right, it now uses MySQL full text searching, with greater matching placed on words in the article/page titles, and it has a much different arrangement as well, smaller sub-line showing the creation date and category (unless it's a page).

You'll also notice that the search form uses POST once again and the POST keywords query is reformatted as a nice SEO / SEF URI. Likewise, take a look below this article at the tags, no more generic ?search_query=tagword... now it's also SEO / SEF, with a custom function that matches it ONLY to keywords (aka tags).

Last but not least, check out my new archives page, sorted and selectable by year and also the most recent by category.

None of them are in perfect form yet, certainly not clean enough to release, but that may happen in the future. I'll see what the response is from my readers, so leave a comment and let me know if you'd like to see any of these mods made public.



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Great work..I'm looking forward to these in final form!

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