sNews polls mod, admin section pics

sNews polls mod, admin section pics

I have completed all the features for the initial version of the sNews Polls mod. The language has all been localized, I've added the ability to color your poll bars for each poll, and I've consolidated as much as possible to make it easy to add the mod your sNews install.

I will make no further adds now. I'm going to do some additional testing, then package and release version 1 within a day or so.

In the meantime, here are a few teaser pics of the admin section.



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thx Matt :) nice MOD

You keep amazing me, keep up the good work.

Splendid! Matt you're a heroe for having controlled IE8.
On one of the pic,
what is this menu "Manage search keyword and phrases" for?

Heh, Sven, that's for the jquery search autocomplete mod I started. That project kind of stalled as I was trying to find a way to extract keywords/phrases, rather than manually input them as I have been doing.


What's that "Manage search keywords & phrases"? :-)

Looking forward for snippets in the search/tag results pages.

You're making great work.

Hey Vic, look up at the reply just above yours :)

I just may work on the snippets in search results as my next mod, I want to add pagination to the search results first though.

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