Adding tags to sNews CMS

Adding tags to sNews CMS

Updated February 3rd, 2009, please read this entry for the updated tutorial.



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You also have to replace POST with GET here in snews.php:

case isset($_POST['search_query']):
search(); return; break;

replace with:

case isset($_GET['search_query']):
search(); return; break;

After this the search should work fine.

Oops, looks like I left that out, you are correct Piotr! I'll update now, thanks for pointing it out.

Very nice, and I see that you have both the Related Articles and the Tag Mod set up here.
Quite impressed. karma++.

Thanks jlhaslip, yes, I've got all my mods running on here, and then a few extra I haven't written tutorials on yet ;P

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