Demoing the beta related articles plugin here now

Demoing the beta related articles plugin here now

I've been working furiously on this latest plugin, I call it a plugin b/c everything is contained in a separate file, and just a single include call is needed in your snews.php file.

This is by far the most advanced add-on, plugin, hack, mod, or whatever you choose to call it that I've attempted for sNews, or any PHP based CMS or blog for that matter and I'm very pleased thus far at the results. The full text search is very fast, the average result set returns in under .01 seconds.

This isn't just a list of articles with the same keywords, there is a TON of logic behind this one. Actually, I choose not to even use the keywords, I thought it better to take the body text and the titles and match them to avoid same category/tag diluting the results.

I have some more testing before I'm comfortable releasing it to the public, but if you want to see it in action, simply click any article title to view it's page and they will be listed (if there are matches) below the article and above the comments.

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great news :)

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