Solo Tech Netbook Mini Instant-Messenger netbook bag review

Solo Tech Netbook Mini Instant-Messenger netbook bag review

I received this little netbook bag as a Christmas gift, and after two weeks of use, I must say I'm pretty impressed with it thus far. It is very solidly built, TSA-approved to help you zip through security at the airport, and manages to hold all of my goodies.

Why a netbook bag? Well, I have several regular laptop bags and my little Aspire One simply disappeared when placed into those, I often have to walk up to a mile in Boston to get to a site and back and wanted something that would carry all the bare necessities, and this little bag fits the bill.

It nicely fits my Aspire One with 6 cell battery installed, the power brick and plug, my Ipod Touch & cord, my earbud headphones, my Logitech nano VX in it's zipper bag, my Nikon Coolpix camera, and some serial adapter cables I use for connecting to Cisco switches and APC UPS's. There's even a small zippered pocket on the back side that you can access, this fits my little notepad and pen perfectly. It's got two shallow pockets up front for business cards or perhaps a memory card holder.

I would definitely recommend this bag to anyone that needs to carry their netbook, mouse and a few small accessories, but not much more than that. It's made of really sturdy canvas, I expect this bag to last years.



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I have the same case for my Acer Aspire One 10.1. I love it. I got mine for about 20 bucks at Circuit City when they closed in my area. I would reccommend this bag to anyone with a netbook.. Just enough room for everything, mouse, power supply, thin mouse pad, usb drives and paper. Great item!

I still use this bag all the time. It's just big enough to hold what I need, and it feels so tiny compared to my old 15" laptop bag.

Damn, $20 is a steal for this bag, I would've got more for gifting, lol. I think mine was close to $40 when it first hit the market.

Amazon has it for $30 shipped, which isn't bad at all.

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