My Aspire One is now running Windows 7

My Aspire One is now running Windows 7

Even though I never bothered to play with any of the betas of Windows 7, I was at Office Depot this weekend and decided to pick up the Windows 7 Home Premium "Family Pack" upgrade box, basically 3 licenses for $150.

I had 2 Vista machines (my desktop and the wife's laptop) to upgrade, and figured what the hell, I'll use that 3rd license to bump up the netbook. I did a clean install, nuked my Xubuntu install, just backed-up my music, videos, & pictures to another machine and swapped them back after.

I've never been a huge fan of Microsoft, but so far, it's not a bad OS. On my desktop I'm definitely getting better performance in Company of Heroes, and my netbook is running Areo just fine. As you can see, the 8.9" Aspire One of mine gets a roaring 2.0 in the Windows Experience Index... heh

The tabs previewing (in the taskbar) feature of IE8 is pretty neat, but I'm sure I'll have FireFox installed soon enough as I seem to have problems logging into my personal website here when using IE8.

The only caveat I had was the lack of a disc drive on the netbook, but that proved an easier fix that I originally planned. Instead of ripping the DVD to an iso and loading it with unetbootin, there's a little app called WinToFlash that will pull the setup files from the DVD and install it on your USB Flash drive. Just changed the boot order at start-up to use the USB drive and it installed in like 30 minutes. All my hardware was detected and the drivers installed from the start as well. The good press on Windows 7 seems to be warranted from my limited experience with the OS.



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Microsoft isn't offering the "Family Pack" in Australia yet.

The Home Premium upgrade (single licence) is retailing for A$189 (US$173).

Profit motive, apparently.

That's a pain... why wouldn't they offer it in Australia? No competetion from Apple and their 5 license family pack thing?

i pretty much have the same acer netbook as you except kobalt blue. i managed to jam windows 7 ultimate on it and it seemed to run fine.but i ended up downgrading to xp home edition because it just started to act unstable freezing at random times while using ie8 and started to have display issues, well no real display issues just constant warnings about improper settings. i run win7 on my laptop and its microsofts best work so far. but ive said that about win 98 then xp but vista sucked for many reasons. sorry for rambling

That's interesting treekiller, I've found Win7 to be more stable thus far.

Of course I don't use IE though, so I wouldn't have noticed any issues there, seems Chrome runs best for me on the little netbook.

You're correct though, it's definitely Microsoft's best work, it's quite intuitive.

Have a Toshiba NB305. Win7 starter would not do screen extensions. Did a WAU to Win7Home. Great. Can do screen ext so can do presentations at church using present view in powerpoint. Win7 starter can only do one screen or the other, not both.

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