I bought an Acer Aspire One 6 cell in black for $243!

I bought an Acer Aspire One 6 cell in black for $243!

Awesome, thanks to the Microsoft Live Cashback program (I scored a 30% cashback link for Ebay) and an additional 10% Ebay coupon, I was able to order an onyx black Aspire One, with 6 cell, 160GB HDD, and XP for a total of $243 shipped!

I was originally trying to score the elusive 40% off coupon for the HP deal, but I never managed to see that one. The Aspire One was my original first choice for a netbook, so I'm ecstatic!

I ordered it from ZipZoomFly's Ebay account, here is the listing, though it appears that they raised the price since I purchased mine (and no one has bought once since, check the listing revision date), I paid $405 with the free shipping.

$405 - $40.50  [Ebay's 10% email coupon]
     - $121.50 [MS Live 30% cashback]
     = $243 final price shipped

Now that is sweet! Too bad I'm looking at Monday Dec. 8th for Fedex to deliver! Some deals are worth waiting for.

Check out ZipZoomFly's nifty tutorial to learn how to take advantage of the MS Live cashback offer.

If anyone else out there scored a similar or better better on a netbook or laptop, drop me a comment and let me know.

Update: Fedex delivered it early, around 1pm on Sat. the 6th, pics to come.



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Well, the Fedex package is in Willington CT now, stuck there for the weekend.
Damn, so close now... I wish I could go there myself and pick it up. It's gonna be a long weekend.

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