1024x600 netbook wallpapers, landscape, fields

1024x600 netbook wallpapers, landscape, fields

Here's some more 1024x600 netbook landscape wallpapers, these are various images of fields... I love fields, particularly wheat, hmmmm.

To save the images to your hard drive to use as a wallpaper, simply click on a thumbnail to open the viewer and then right click on the image and select "save image as", or "set as desktop background", or download all of them in a zip file;



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Lovely scenery there, Matt... Have you manage to capture these with a camera perhaps ?

Hey Patric,

Nah, unfortunately I'm not that skilled with a camera, lol... these wallpapers are all stuff I've collected from the web, various wallpaper sites, etc.

None of them are ever available at the 1024x600 screen size common on most netbooks, so I've modified them for my own use, figured I'd post them for others to use as well.

Sure r00li, feel free to add them to your site.

Nices pictures !
I've also posted some home-made wallpapers on my blog http://fonds-ecran-netbook.blogspot.com, sized especially for netbooks 10' screens.
I hope you'll like them, I took the pictures by myself so you can take them for free !

Hi Matt,

I'm a photographer, I've setup a dedicated site for netbook wallpapers


It is very humbling to know that other people like my photos and use them as wallpapers. Please feel free guys to download and use them freely.

There are not catches, they'll totally free.

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