Borderlands netbook wallpapers

Borderlands netbook wallpapers

OK, I have very little free time lately, but I must admit... what free time I have had the last month or so, I've spent playing Borderlands. This game is simply a blast to play with friends, especially if you like both shooters and RPGs, it's something of a mix of both, with great weapon/item variety.

So I've been using some customized Borderlands wallpapers on my little netbook recently, I've decided to modify all of the official ones and post them here. These wallpapers are from the official Borderlands site.

As always, the wallpapers are re-sized and liquefied to fit the 1024x600 screen resolution of most netbooks without being heavily distorted or chopped (crop-jobs).

To save the images to your hard drive to use as a wallpaper, simply click on a thumbnail to open the viewer and then right click on the image and select "save image as", or "set as desktop background", or download all of them in the zip file;



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