My one year anniversary with sNews CMS

My one year anniversary with sNews CMS

Wow, what a difference a year makes.

Since deciding on using sNews CMS one year ago and going live with the revamped site, I have published dozens of hack & mods, 3 themes, as well as made a lot of cool friends within the sNews community, and they come from every corner of the Earth. I've also enjoyed posting many wallpapers and articles about my favorite topics & hobbies of late.

To celebrate I have just revamped the site here, fine tuned it really... to concentrate the content people are clicking on and freshen the design.

One large piece of this work is the now finished caching mod for my own site here... this was a big undertaking, as I have added many dynamic components, such as polls, article ratings, comment form cookies, etc. The end result is a reduction in MySQL queries of about 95%. No sense in pounding the database if there's no new articles or comments. I do plan on releasing it as a mod, however I need to fine tune it quite a bit to make it easy for folks to install and use.

Here's to another year of coding fun! :)



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Hi Matt, I can help test the cach systeme.

Awesome! Thanks! I'm hoping to push something out tonight for people to test.

Thank you for your big contribution to sNews CMS. And, of course, keep up the good work!

Hi matt :)
thank you for share your hard work
with us, you do wonderful mods.

awesome year

Thanks mosh! Happy new year to you and all!

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