I'm not dead, I just feel like it...

I'm not dead, I just feel like it...

Hi folks, just to let everyone (who's interested) know, I haven't dropped off the face of the Earth or anything :)... I've been sick and/or busy at work lately. Although it appears I haven't done a whole lot gaming-wise or with sNews lately I've actually got some things in the works.

Namely, I've begun a new template for sNews, it's been a while since I've done any real designing, and I've kind of reached a point with modding that I've got my sNews install working just the way I want, so I don't really have much to mod.

I'm not saying much for now, other than it is a 3 column fixed width design.



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"who's interested"? I care.
I was wondering why being so quite and now I hope you're thru this bad period.
Hope to see back here or elsewhere soon.

Thanks Mate!

I'm doing much better, now the wife is sick, haha :)

Hope the wife gets better soon.
Looking forward to your new template.
And what do you think about a admin mod the wordpress way?


Thanks PP. Hmmm, what do you by "the wordpress way", I haven't used WP in over a year and a half.

Oh! How is your spouse now?
(I hope it's not the H1N1 flu).

Thinking about your new template to come (soon, you promised),
what about coding it in HTML5, CSS3 and microformats in the core?

She's well now, wasn't H1N1 thankfully!

LOL @ coming soon. I spent around 4 hours on it the other night, but I keep changing it, I can be real picky at times and end up going around in circles. I have dozens of concept .xcfs littering my design folders.

Hey, what happened? http://carnet.hiseo.fr/

It's gone? Did you get tired of maintaining it?

What happened with the Carnet?
Too much perverts!!! -(
In september I had more than 1 000 visitors for more than 3 000 pages seen.
But most came for sex (+ 60%) with some awfull searches.
So I get bored of having such "clients".
I'm workin on an HTML5+CSS3 template with a lotta changes ion the Core, so,
there will a new Carnet.
I promise.

Link edited, thanks Sven, sorry to hear your site was so popular with the pervs, I thought it was a great site!

Yeah Matt: I regret too. It was fun.

The new one (about HTML5) is now online and the link above.
If you go there tell me what you think of this new code.
See ya pal.

Cool stuff man, I like it... HTML5 is long overdue!

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