Getting back to work on my site

Getting back to work on my site

Well, time sure flies, I haven't posted a single thing in nearly 6 months. Not that I haven't been busy, that's for sure. I've been extremely busy actually with my "real job". Considering the economy of late, I'm not complaining.

Though I haven't been entirely absent from maintaining the site. As several of you know, I still answer emails as best I can given my time constraints.

I have a couple new ideas floating around in my head for sNews, though I'm not yet ready to even discuss what they are as I'm leery of putting out vaporware.

As always if anyone has some good ideas for any sNews mods or hacks, please feel free to leave a comment.

The first thing I'm going to be working on is a bit of a site refresh, I wasn't happy with the home page after my last major overall and plan on making it look more like a home page... or at least what I think a home page should look like, more informative rather than the default blog/list of latest articles format.

That is all for now :)



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Hey there! Here's 3 ideas I had that could be mods..

1. If you don't use a page in sNews for the index, a list of all articles is shown. It would be awesome to exclude one category from that 'all articles listing'.

2. I use your tag mod (great mod) but modified so the output looks like category output on the site (very useful). On the info line, I'm not able to get the 'comment count' to show. Also, in one of your Tags articles you mention adding pagination, which would be very cool!

3. A simple safe solution to show code snippets / code examples in article comments. Maybe just removing instances of instead of all the code between? That way you wouldn't add the weight of implementing a bbc type system.

I'm stuck on those, so you are welcome to them for whatever you can use them for!

Hi Pear,

#1) Hmmm, I like this idea, it may be a bit tougher than it sounds though, but I will have a look.

#2) Something is broken if you can't see the comment count, I'm not sure it has anything to do specifically with the tags mod? I've seen several implementations of it and never noticed anyone losing their comment count info.

Pagination in tags would be nice, I never got around to it, if you look at you'll see I could definitely use it there, lol.

#3) Due to the danger of allowing user inputting code, I think you'd have to use some sort of bbcode function to properly sanitize anything. It's doable, maybe a good idea for a future mod/hack.

#1 Would be really useful if you had a category that was different from the rest of the site (like I do) and wanted to segregate it - and would cut down on the total number of pages on the index display (may increase return speed).

#2 I CAN see the regular infoline 'comment count' in category views in a browser. I modified the Tags Mod output to be more like the category output, but can't get the infoline for the Tag Mod to show the comment count (everything else is correct).

#3 In my first post above, I put a starting and ending ">" with the word "and" between them as an example, and to see if yours removed all of it, or left the word "and". It removed all of it, so yours is the same as mine. Looks like the easiest way to let visitors post code examples in comments is to leave out the start and ending ">". It would be an interesting mod/hack to look into if it could be done lightweightly.

Thanks for looking into these, and for all the work you do for this CMS!!

Oops, forgot to add for #3, last night the idea I had for a hack to allow code examples in comments was this...

It looks like sNews reads the comment up to the start tag of ">", then deletes that, the middle and the end tag ">".

What if before that step, it replaced all start and end instances of ">" with something like "#" or "*", then continued to the next step (the sanitizing step above) - then the visitors code example would stay intact but never able to 'run'. (Should be safe?)

So instead of sNews 'reads, sanitizes, stores' - it would be 'reads, replaces, sanitizes, stores'.

Simple, super lightweight, and easy to explain on the site!

Hello Matt
this is Sven. Just a short word to say hello.
Also glad to see ya back pal.

a system that was really very nice thank you very much

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