Back from vacation in New Hampshire's White Mountains

Back from vacation in New Hampshire's White Mountains

Well, I'm back from a nice bit of rest and relaxation, New Hampshire style. I noticed I've got quite a few emails whilst I was away, I promise I'll respond over the weekend at some point.

And because I know everyone is interested in my personal life [sarcasm :)], here's some pictures from the top of Loon Mountain, as well as some of the Swift River along the Kancamangus highway. I've got more pics still on the camera, maybe I'll put them up later. New Hampshire kicks ass.




Damn, Matt... That's just beautiful pic's... Seems serene (spellcheck). And Like it would be fishable...

Thanks Patric, it was an awesome get-away. I usually try to take 2 weeks in the summer, but I'm so crazy busy at work I haven't had time for much of anything else, hence my sparse posting lately.

I'll be back in force around late August.

They do a lot of trout fishing on that river, though slightly further down from where those pictures were taken, I'm more of a salt water fisherman myself, I go for Stripers around here. I can never find the time with a 3y/o and 6/yo these days it seems.

Mhm, me too - a saltwater fisherman primarily. Trout is.. seldom, but fun when it happens. Here it's mostly about pike and bass in salt water though.. Dunno really what stripers are...

Ah, striper is just shorthand for <a href="" title="striped bass, yay" >striped bass</a> :)

Wow, nice pictures :)

Thanks markuman! I wish I was still on vacation, lol, I'm absolutely slammed at work right now.

Nice pictures, and how did you align them like that? sorry to be "off-topic".

Nevermind my "off-topic"

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