Tropico Paradise Island runs flawlessly on the Aspire One

Tropico Paradise Island runs flawlessly on the Aspire One

I've just recently installed what is no doubt one of my all time favorite games, Tropico, and it's expansion, Paradise Island. The game installed fine over the network DVD drive, I was able to patch it with the 1.51 patch and it runs great.

I did have to use a no-cd fix to play, unless I want to leave the CD in the network drive downstairs, and that just isn't gonna happen.


However you can buy & download Tropico Reloaded (Tropico I, The Paradise Island expansion, & Tropico II) from Steam.

I ran FRAPs for a bit and it shows between 18 - 60 frames per second, it seemed to show lower frames when zoomed out, for whatever reason. One would think it would struggle more when close up watching all the movement, regardless, the game play was smooth, I played for about 2.5 hours straight last night.

Here's some in-game screenshots as well.

I will definitely be playing this one quite a bit. The atmosphere is simply awesome. The resolution @ 800 x 600 is sufficient, I didn't suffer any eye strain even after several hours planted to the couch. I'm a huge fan of economic simulation and strategy games, and in my opinion this is one the the best ever. I still totally love this game, I want Tropico 3!

A few more in-game screenshots.



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