Stronghold running on the Acer Aspire One

Stronghold running on the Acer Aspire One

While recently searching through my pile of ancient game CDs from years past, I discovered an old gem circa 2001/2002, Firefly Studios Stronghold, a fun castle building/defending RTS game.

I have some fond recollections of launching dozens of dead cows at my friends, until we mutually agreed it was a cheesy and unrealistic tactic and stopped :).

Anyhoo... the game installed fine over the network DVD drive, I was able to patch it with the 1.2 patch and it runs great. As usual, I did have to use a no-cd fix to play without a local CD/DVD drive, but that went easily as well.

If you don't already own this game, you can pick it up at GOG for a few bucks.

Once installed, I started it up and it loads quickly. The game play was nice and smooth, however at 800x600 there's not much real estate and so I found myself scrolling around a lot, hiding the head's up display, and zooming out as well, just to be able to see what was happening.

This is still a fun game, I played a quick economic game, and aside from the constant scrolling it wasn't half bad. This is definitely a game that would benefit from having a netbook with a better screen size (vertical rez doesn't leave much real estate) for sure though.



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