Sim City 4 Rush Hour runs well (so far) on the Aspire One

Sim City 4 Rush Hour runs well (so far) on the Aspire One

Last night I was able to install Sim City 4 and the Rush Hour expansion pack on my Aspire One over my network DVD drive. The install went well, I patched the game with most recent patch and then had to use a no-cd fix so I could play.

I only played for a small amount of time, but I experienced what was surprisingly smooth game play, I thought this game would choke my machine... though I imagine with settings up and lots of Sims running around at some point, the game play will likely bog down.

I played with the settings a bit and didn't notice a whole lot of variation in smoothness of gameplay, I like my building details up. Again though, once there is a big city full of Sims, cars, and all the logic behind those things trying to make it all work together, I suspect I will have to run at lower settings. I loaded the "big city" tutorial, but 20,000 Sims really isn't that big of a city to anyone who has played this game for any real stretch of time

This is still one of my favorite games, and I will probably be playing this one quite a bit. I wonder how the Aspire One would handle my favorites mods, judging from the strain they seem to put on my regular desktop, I should probably avoid them.



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Im runing simcity really smooth in windows 7 with wide resolution(1024x600), no big problems at all. just this:
Note that while some resolutions are supported, some clipping of the interface may occur making it impossible to control certain functions, such as "raise mountains" in 1024x600.

Thanks for the note Rafael. I discovered that as well after I did that review/test, though I haven't re-installed on Windows 7 yet. I've been playing Caesar 3 lately, classic city builder.

Here's how to do the widescreen hack for Simcity 4 if anyone else needs it;

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