Running 1503 A.D. on the Acer Aspire One netbook

Running 1503 A.D. on the Acer Aspire One netbook

I've just recently installed another fun "city builder" strategy game on my Acer Aspire One netbook, 1503 A.D., aka Anno 1503. This game was released for the PC back in mid-2003. It was the follow-up game to the awesome 1602 A.D., and the predecessor to 1701 A.D., which was really good in it's own right.

As typical, the game installed just fine over my network DVD drive. Also, as it seems with every game, I did have to use a no-cd fix to play without a local CD/DVD drive, but that went easily as well.

I believe there is a patch available now that adds the originally promised-with-the-game multiplayer functionality, but I haven't tried it, and likely won't bother.

Once installed, I started it up and it loads quickly and plays superbly @ 800x600. The only problem I noted was a lack of screen real estate when running @ 800x600, but this is a common ailment when running many games on these 1024x600 netbook screens.

I only played a little while, and from the video you'll be able to easily tell it's been years since I've played :), as I'm fumbling around quite a bit... I had forgotten about the need to "scout" the entire island for salt/iron/etc deposits.



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would youplease give me the link to download this game?

Dirga, I don't know where to download the game from. I installed it off a DVD drive on my desktop PC over the network. If you just need a no-cd patch, Google is your friend.

if fruit ninja and other 3d games works why not make platform games for such Intel atom 240 and gma1300 based

This is still one of my all time favorite games. It also plays great on my HP Mini 1000 (1116NR), upgraded to 2GB PC2-5300, 60 GB / 4200rpm HDD :(
But what I do is use Daemon Tools Lite and mount the disc images for installing. There is also an expansion- for the European market, but installable on the US version with a registry edit- that I love. By using the disc images (and yes, I do own the games) I don't have to use a no-cd fix. Great info on this site!


That's another of doing it, but don't you need to mount the entire disk image? Seems like a lot of HDD space to take up when you can simply replace the executable with one that skips the media check. :P

I've been using & the last couple of years, makes it much easier to install & play games anytime without requiring physical media, granted they don't always have the games we already own or want, and I'm not into buying the game again, unless it's like $5 or something.

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