Jagged Alliance 2 runs perfect on the Aspire One

Jagged Alliance 2 runs perfect on the Aspire One

This game was released back in 1999, by the developers at Sir Tech Canada. Even by 1999 standards, this game wasn't considered very advanced, with it's 640x480 resolution and 2D graphics.

However, Jagged Alliance 2 still happens to be a complete blast to play, it's funny and addicting, and the interface is nice.

Here's a batch of screenshots.

I purchased this game from the GOG.com website for $9.95, downloaded it using the downloader and installed it without a hitch. There is no DRM with this game, so no "no-CD" fix is needed to play.

I would definitely recommend playing this one. It's a must have for any tactical strategy gaming fan and netbook owner. There is also an expansion pack/stand alone game (Jagged Alliance 2: Unfinished Business) available at the GOG website.



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