Fallout 2 runs flawlessly on the Aspire One

Fallout 2 runs flawlessly on the Aspire One

So I received my black Aspire One two days ago, charged it up and got everything configured the way I want it.

One of the first things I did was head over to the Good Old Games website and buy Fallout 2 for a mere $5.99, what a price, they even give you a bunch nifty extras such as pipboy avatars, "the fallout bible", etc. with your purchase. They also have a useful downloader app to track your game downloads [shown below]

The download was quick via the Aspire One's wifi G connection, the install was swift and the game play was extremely smooth, as it should be.. after all it is 10 years old. I even snapped a few screen shots of the game running on the Aspire One.

I had almost forgotten how awesome this game was. OK, no I didn't, I play Fallout 3 on my primary desktop, and although it is awesome in it's own right, it doesn't have the same feel at all. And yes, there's definitely an "Oblivion with guns" taste to it, in my opinion.

I played for about 1.5 hours and it appears to have had only a nominal effect on my battery life, I still managed a little over 5 hours during this period, though that's certainly not scientific testing there.



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Can it run Fallout 3 with very low graphics? I have both the Aspire One and Fallout 3, so I am just wondering if it is worth it to install Fallout 3.

I wish Raymond! Fallout 3 is just far too demanding, the Intel GMA950 is really a piece of junk as far as graphics go, no Transform & Lighting. You need a card like an Nvidia 6800 or better/ATI X850 or better, better CPU, etc.

yeah i have Fallout 1 and 2, planescape torment, Baldurs gate 2 and more installed on my new toshiba nb200 and they play great. games like the old bioware/blackisle games as well as TBS like Alpha Centauri were made for netbooks! nothing like playing em while in bed or on the move. I never did get around to playing BGII even though ive had it for like 10 years...

I hear you scotty, I've got stacks of old games I hardly ever played. I've been finding myself at http://gog.com a lot lately, they're getting new older games all the time, and a lot of them run great on the Atom/GMA950 netbooks.

yeah I will definitely be bookmarking that site. Do you have Fallout 1? I have the original CD version but unlike the other games I have, there doesnt seem to be any way to play without the CD..which on a netbook doesnt make it the most portable. I may just buy it from that site..

small problem with BG II on netbooks, have to change the cpu affinity to use both cpu's every time I play otherwise it stutters somewhat. not a major issue, more an annoyance.

That's the biggest problem with netbook gaming, a lot of these games require the stupid CD in to play. For both the Fallouts, I just bought the DRM free versions from GOG, even though I own them, it is kinda counter-intuitive really, but at $5.99, it's worth not having the headache.

The other way is that legally gray area... download a "no-cd" patch, which I'll admit I've done several times now, just scan the crap outta them for viruses and/or trojans.

The best way is to do what Blizzard does, if you have your old CD keys, like I did with Diablo, Diablo II and the expansion, you can add the keys to your BattleNet account and then download the game and not need a CD. All game companies should do this.

I have BG2 in my stack, I may install that bad boy, it's been forever, and I'm a total RPG nerd. I wouldn't mind a good shooter too, I tried installing Soldier of Fortune once, but it kept crashing on install, and I don't own any other shooters.

yeah the no-cd patch is the way i always go with all the other games i have, but there just doesnt seem to be one for Fallout 1.

not sure about fps games on a netbook..saying that though, I have installed system shock 2 and deus ex 1 and both play fine.

If you install BG II, let me know if you have to do the cpu thing...most likely you will have to (unless you don't mind playing in 16bit), lets face it all these netbooks are pretty much the same spec!

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