Command & Conquer Generals, and the Zero Hour expansion on the Acer Aspire One netbook

Command & Conquer Generals, and the Zero Hour expansion on the Acer Aspire One netbook

I have just recently installed one of my most recent favorite games, Command & Conquer Generals, and it's expansion, Zero Hour. The game installed fine over the network DVD drive, the only exception is that when it's time to change the CD, you'll get an error;

Error 1311. Source file not found: (Drive letter):\ Verify that the file exists and that you can access it.

If you see this error around 38%-45% installed, fret not, just swap the second CD into your networked CD/DVD drive and click retry.

I was able to patch it with the Zero Hour 1.04 patch and it runs great. I did have to use a no-cd fix to play, but that went flawlessly as well.

Once installed, I started it up and it loaded surprisingly quick. For the graphics settings I kept them pretty low, the game play was pretty smooth for the most part, though I imagine large group games would bog down most netbooks pretty quickly. I played a quick random skirmish against an easy CPU player just to brush up, as it's been several years since I've played this game.

So I ended up playing the Air Force General against the Chinese Infantry General, with the CPU being "easy", it didn't take me too long to cap the oil rigs and start whipping his ass. I will be playing this one quite a bit in the future I'm certain. My buddy has also installed it on his netbook (an EeePC), so maybe we'll try a network game some day and report back on that.



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If U play against 2 or more CPU with hard Difficulties(Hard army) and they attack U with Large Group Unit is it still can handle it?Lag or ...
please your answer..

Hi Jeff,

I didn't notice any serious performance degrading in a 4 player game at all. I guess with enough units on the map you might, but this game ran very very smooth. I haven't yet re-installed under Windows 7 yet.

If you Search youtube, there's a few videos of CnC Generals running on various netbooks, the game play is quite smooth.

its showing error 1311 ????? wat to do now!!!!!


Are you using an external USB CD/DVD drive? Did you swap in the 2nd CD when you got this message and hit "retry"?

my cnc generals zh was compatible on my MSI wind u135dx

my netbook specs.

cpu: intel atom n455 (1.66ghz)
hdd: 160gb
Graphic card: intel gma 3150
direct x version: 9.0c

if you want to install cnc generals zh, did you have a latest video card driver,direct x, or read the game specs and check your netbook specs .

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