Beyond Divinity runs flawlessly on the Aspire One netbook

A gem of an RPG, in the old-school style
Beyond Divinity runs flawlessly on the Aspire One netbook

If you remember this little RPG jewel from back around 2004 and you own an Aspire One or other similar netbook, you'll be happy to know that once you install the game and fully patch it with patch 1.49 (note that once the patch is installed it shows as version 1.47 on the main menu screen) it runs perfectly.

Trying to play a fresh install of the game unpatched produced a blue screen error and rebooted my netbook, so make sure to patch it . Also, this patch removes the crappy starforce protection, so you don't need any no-cd fixes.

This game, although somewhat recent, was never really considered graphically intense, so it's not surprising that once it runs, it runs well, with the screen size to 800x600 and everything maxed out the in-game tests yielded 60 FPS. Gameplay and sound is very smooth, 800x600 (I didn't edit the config.div for widescreen, you can, but I've found it stretches the screen and puts some menu options off-screen) yields enough screen real estate to be fun.

I had forgotten how grating the Death Knight's voice was, though I remember the demo voices were so horrible, they went back and redid all these, so this is the best of the bunch.

This game was actually a follow up to the surprise hit Divine Divinity, I'll have to install and play with that one next, as I remember it being a better overall game, but I wanted to install the most recent first for testing purposes.



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