Arx Fatalis, the perfect RPG for your netbook

Arx Fatalis, the perfect RPG for your netbook

Here is another awesome example of a game that feels like it was tailor made for the Acer Aspire One netbook. Arx Fatalis, a first-person RPG, very similar to the Elder Scrolls series, it was supposedly intended to be Ultima Underworld III, but Arkane Studios couldn't license the name.

Arx Fatalis was released for the PC back in late-2002, and then later on the X-Box. It was quite well received at the time and still has a fan following.

As I didn't have the CD for this game, I purchased the game via download for $4.95 from Direct2Driveicon. At that price, there is really no excuse not to have this game on your netbook, especially if you're an RPG fan.

Another kick-ass aspect of this game is it's native 1024x600 support (as shown in picture #6 below), and it actually looks & runs great on the Aspire One with antialiasing on and the settings up. You can see this in the gameplay video. I ran a FRAPs benchmark during a 5 minute period of game-play and averaged 31 frames per second.

This is a must-have fun RPG game, and it looks and runs great @ 1024x600 on the AAO, so if you enjoy role-playing games and want a time-killer for short money, I'd highly recommend picking this one up.



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Last night I re-installed Arx on my Aspire One running Windows 7, and it runs and plays just fine as it did on XP, though it doesn't appears to get as many frames per second as it did on XP. I will post an updated video of it running on Win 7 in the near future.

SpellForce runs on my Dell INSPIRON DUO

Thanks, I never played Spellforce. I see they have it at GOG;

Looks pretty cool, decent reviews, I may have to pick it up some time.

How do you like the Duo? Do you find you use it more like a laptop or a tablet?

Hey, did you ever get the fatal memory error? Because I'm getting it a lot in Windows 7, also, the game doesn't run very smooth all the time. I'm using the same settings as you, and the game version is the same (1.19).


I didn't get a fatal memory error, but it did seem to run choppier in Windows 7 than it did in XP.

Try running it in compatibility mode, right click the executable/shortcut, select properties, and then run select a compat mode.

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