Setting a solid color wallpaper for Android devices

Setting a solid color wallpaper for Android devices

Recently when I upgraded my little Dell Streak 7 to Honeycomb 3.2 I lost my favorite wallpapers. I don't really like the default wallpapers available & most of the downloadable wallpapers are just too busy for my tastes.

So to get started again I decided I just wanted a simple solid color for a background. Having a heavy graphic wallpaper on a PC is one thing, where much of your actions are menu driven, however on my tablet I have my desktop loaded with all my favorite apps & widgets & the live wallpapers seemed to take away too much from the experience for my tastes.

The problem is... there is no easy way to set the default background as a solid color in Android. At least, not in the default settings. There's 2 ways to accomplish this task, what I used to do... create a solid color jpg in the GIMP, put it on my device, open it, and finally set it as the wallpaper. As an example, I would make an 800x800 square image with a solid hex color of #252525 for my Streak 7, as it has an 800x480 resolution.

Well, that got to be a pain in the ass, especially after making 3 or 4 backgrounds that I just wasn't happy with. 

So during my Christmas break from work I set off on a quest for an easier solution, and I found the app Colors. This nifty app allows you to set any color for your background, and includes a fairly exhaustive list of pre-made colors for you to choose from, though they could be better organized... alphabetically or by color range perhaps?  Anyway, this app is probably one of my most used during the last 2 weeks.

Scan this QR Code to download the app.

Colors App QR Code

I hope someone else finds this as useful as I do.



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I just found a app called Color Wallpaper that did this job better. Has all almost same functionality but provides a much better UI. Also you can do some minor customization on the solid color wallpaper.

Thanks for the note Sam, I never came across this one when I was searching, I will definitely check it out.

Android app market isn't the easiest to search, you'd think it'd be better anyway... coming from Google.

Thanks for the info. Works great. I've spent days trying to tone down the background. Solid colors have always worked for me. Colors made it easy on all my devices.

This is perfect! Thanks for posting

Picked up this app via the QR code. It does exactly what I wanted: sets a background color. Select one of 100s, or roll your own. Thanks for the writeup. I tried Color Wallpaper, and I prefer your UI, although I see the attraction of categorizing shades the way it does.

A huge thank you! Exactly the help I was looking for to set a solid background color on my DROID X. You rock. Thank you for taking the time to research this for us.


I've made a free of cost (and ad free too, I'm obviously not a businessman) app that colorizes photos from your own camera gallery, to create a monochrome image and set as wallpaper.
Available at:



Hey Check out this app named 'Just Colors Wallpaper'

It lets you create solid colors as well as different gradient effects
its free, ad free, and small in size

(disclaimer: I am one of the developers, and is super excited about how simple and nicely looking this app turned out - but please judge for yourself)

I know it's a bit late - but just want to suggest taking a look at a brand new Android app with a simple and artistic interface, which also allows to set a solid color as your wallpaper:

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