Droid Incredible keeps disconnecting from Wifi

Droid Incredible keeps disconnecting from Wifi

Recently I noticed that my HTC Droid Incredible was constantly disconnecting from my wireless router at home. It would connect if I went into the wireless settings page, and then drop off within a minute or two. Using a widget, I could see it was constantly stuck at "establishing a WiFi connection...". Naturally I searched all the Android forums and Google for a solution.

I had just recently replaced my home router with a Netgear WNDR3400, however it has been working seamlessly for several weeks, so I assumed it was something messed up with Android. After having no luck finding a solution in any of the forums, I simply set the b/g channel setting to 6 (the least congested in my area) from "auto", and I haven't had a dropped connection since.

While I'm still not sure if this is a phone or router issue, all seems to be well again in Android land, so I'm happy. Hope this helps someone else having a similar issue.



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I had a similar problem with my HTC Desire Z and Intellinet router. After setting a channel for 3 everything works smoothly.

How do u change channel

Sam, I changed the channel on the WiFi router, not the phone itself, there's something about the channel on "auto" that kept causing the connection to drop.

I haven't had problems with my phone on other WiFi routers.

Howdy Matt,

I've had similar problems. Like toolman said before me, when I've changed router channel only for 3. I didn't get any problems with the wifi anymore.

But I think that this is the phone OS (android) problem. I dunno how its now with the newest releases. When I had those problem I had installed android 1.6. Now you have i think 4.0 version of Android OS.

Maybe the problem is now resolved.


Hi David,

Yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the phone/Android. I have a Honeycomb powered tablet & don't have any of the problems that I do with WiFi on my phone.

My phone randomly disconnects from my WiFi at work too. I'm running Gingerbread (2.3), haven't really bothered looking into Ice Cream Sandwich yet.

Changed my NETGEAR router to Channel 3 and it fixed the problem...that's great...except for when I travel. Do you think I'll be able to convince hotels to change their router just for me?

LOL, I doubt it Stryker! That would be cool though. I imagine most hotels will have multiple access points all over so changing an individual ap isn't that easy.

Mine had no problems with the last hotel (a Hitlon) I was in, maybe it's just finicky with some routers?

Channel 3 worked well for me too - Channel 6 didn't work at all. Really glad I found this page. Cheers!

After changing to channel 11 it seems to have resolved the issue.

Channel 3 did't work for me . Pls help I am So losing the battle in words with friends


just want to thank you for writing this down. Had this issue too and your proposed solution actually worked. Thanks again!


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