Who the heck is Matt?

MattThis website (mdj.us) is the web portfolio, blog, and playground of Matt Jones, a Boston, MA based web developer, gamer, and tech/gadget junkie.

You'll find a little bit of everything covered here, but primarily "techie" stuff... website design, development, PHP programming, database, general gadget-related articles, etc.

About this website

The engine behind mdj.us isĀ phpSQLiteCMS, with a lot of custom hacks.

Previous versions have run sNews CMS, and various other CMSs before that.

This is my playground of sorts, you can find any range of topic covered here, depending upon my interests at the time.

Random stuff about me

I like to hack around in PHP and Perl, I'm a bit of a Linux nerd as well (been using Debian since Potato for my server, and the Fedora Xfce spin for my desktop). I'm constantly starting new designs, some of which I convert to themes (aka templates) and make them available for download here on my site.

I dig video games, gadgets, web design, programming, and anything techie in general. I also enjoy the outdoors, particularly hiking & taking pictures with my phone (aka iPhotography).

About the domain

I registered this domain on April 24th, 2002, the "gold rush" day for the second level .us domains. I attempted to register about 10 variations on my name and this is the only one I got, it was my least favorite at the time, but I've come to appreciate the value of the 3 character domain.

This domain was used primarily for internal web design & testing from '02 until fall of '08, when I began publishing my random thoughts and made this my public blog/article site.

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