Setting a solid color wallpaper for Android devices

Adding solid color wallpaper or backgrounds for Android devices, the easy way.

Recently when I upgraded my little Dell Streak 7 to Honeycomb 3.2 I lost my favorite wallpapers. I don't really like the default wallpapers available & most of the downloadable wallpapers are just too "busy" for my tastes.

So to get started again I decided I just wanted a simple solid color for a background. Having a heavy graphic wallpaper on a PC is one thing, where much of your actions are menu driven, however on my tablet I have my "desktop" loaded with all my favorite apps & widgets & the live wallpapers seemed to take away too much from the experience for my tastes.

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Automatically add auto-generated short URLs to your sNews CMS

This is my first sNews CMS mod/hack to be made public in quite some time, I hope someone finds it useful. This modification will add rel="shortlink" & rel="shorturl" tags to the head of your published items.

What do I mean by published items? Basically all your articles & "pages", not the default category/home page views or hard-coded sNews pages (contact, sitemap, etc). We don't really need/want shortlinks to ever-changing pages (home, category views, etc) anyways.

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Droid Incredible keeps disconnecting from Wifi

Recently I noticed that my HTC Droid Incredible was constantly disconnecting from my wireless router at home. It would connect if I went into the wireless settings page, and then drop off within a minute or two.

Using a widget, I could see it was constantly stuck at "establishing a WiFi connection...". Naturally I searched all the Android forums and Google for a solution.

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